Thursday, November 13, 2014

Worldwide Artist Blog Hop

I am so honored to have been nominated for the Worldwide Artisan Blog Hop by my friend, Jonna, from Frayed Knot! So it’s my turn to answer these 4 questions about myself and this amazing craft....

Why do I do what I do?  I started crocheting about 5 years ago but was really inspired when my first grandbaby was born 4 years ago. Once I started making things for him, I couldn’t stop. One thing led to another and by the next year, I was designing my own patterns. It is so rewarding to choose a skein (or more) of yarn, sit down with a hook and create something beautiful with it.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?  Most of my designs are beginner friendly but also fun for the experienced crochet to make. I also focus on designing things I would wear or that I would put on my grandbabies. If you've seen my work, you know that I absolutely love texture and that's usually what I try to add to each design. 

 How does my creative process work? Sometimes I'm inspired by my grandbabies and want to make something special for them. Sometimes my photographer will ask for a new photo prop. Most of the time, I look for new stitches to use (especially with texture!) and strive to create something pretty.

What am I working on now? This time of year is a busy time for me. I take a break from designing to participate in a few Christmas Bazaars. A few things I've been making this week are boot cuffs, ear warmers and wrist warmers. 

Here are my nominations: 
My first nomination is my dear friend, Melanie, from 3 Boys & A Ball of Yarn. Melanie was one of the first fellow crocheter that I "met" online. She has such amazing, fun designs! Be sure to check out her blog. I would also love to nominate my good friend, Lisa, from Creative Kitty Crochet. I've known Lisa for over 2 years. She has tested many of my patterns for me. She's a very talented lady! If you don't crochet but would like to order something, contact Lisa and she can "hook" you up. ;) 

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